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Many well-known companies have chosen our products. Our clients come from various fields, among them are international trade and logistics companies, industrial hi-tech manufacturers, a national airline, a fuel importer, a credit card payment processor, a corrugated board manufacturer, retail and mail order traders, business consulting and project management firms, fashion companies and others.

Our client base includes, for example: COMET AG, Karl Vögele AG, Elma Electronics AG, Armavia LLC, Zur Rose Suisse AG, Agrovision AG, AGCO International GmbH, THIMM Group GmbH, Ratt GmbH, Schelling AG, Dometic International GmbH, Sabag Luzern AG, K - Mail Order GmbH & Co. KG, Adakkes LLC, Dataphone AG, Sirocco AG, Qualipet AG, Kümin Group AG.


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