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Apart from turn-key solutions, we offer a broad range of software components that were developed in the course of individual client projects and can now be re-used as self-contained modules. You can find a few examples below.

Base BI Services facilitate extracting and publishing business-relevant information from relational databases. The data are consolidated using configurable cubes and published online as a web service for further use in analysis and management dashboards. MS Excel, among other applications, serves as a front end for the analysis.

Base Reporting Services provide web-service-based reports that are compiled using a built-in graphical designer, and can be presented in various formats (e.g. images, 2-D barcodes, etc.) The services can be easily integrated into existing environments and used for dynamic analysis (also via mobile devices).

Base Middleware Services are used to orchestrate data exchanges between complex data structures such as back-office ERP systems. Unique selling points include incomparable performance, dynamic interface management with a local database, plus a rare opportunity to take advantage of offline operation and bi-directional data synchronization over the Internet (cloud).

Base document archiving services provide an electronic document filing system with an integrated access portal and scan automation. An authorization system with a built-in workflow designer allows configuring individual electronic data flows within a company, controlling access, incorporating version control and integrating seamlessly into corporate processes.

Base IOT Services offer an complete infrastructure for easy-to-use Internet Of Things, consisting of central IOT-Hub and any number of Terminals, which exchange data with IOT-Hub. Terminal can work stand-alone and offline, synchronizing as soon as Internet is available. Any device supporting Java can serve as terminal (e.g. Android or Raspberry Pi). Unlike our competitors, we do not require having the IOT-Hub in Cloud, and if you want to keep full control of your data - you can host it “on Premise”. Because of bidirectional synchronization the IOT-Hub is used not only for collection of data, but also for steering. This offers unlimited use cases starting from home-automation and tracking up to steering of complex industrial facilities.


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