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MDE and point of sale

We provide use cases of MS Dynamics AX on any mobile device running Windows, Android, UNIX or Mac-OS on any hardware (including Raspberry Pi). Most of time the mobile device can stay offline, the users will not notice it and will continue to work standalone. Only at certain points of process a short connection to Internet (Cloud) will be needed to synchronize with MS Dynamics AX and to call AX business methods.

We achieve this due to our extremely slim and performant database, which runs on the mobile client and has a built in functionality to synchronize itself near instantly with Cloud, which in turn communicates with MS Dynamics AX.

As a reference, an international fashion trade company using MS Dynamics AX commissioned us to develop tailored touch screen mobile features. As result of the project we enabled various use cases of ERP modules (CRM, Inventory & Logistics, etc.) on touch-screen mobile devices and at point of sales. Our state-of-the-art user interface combines flexibility and ergonomics. The solution is currently running in more than 400 branches and stocks of company.


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